Mercury Cable completes HVCRC installation in Moctezuma Mexico

Dana Point, CA April 19, 2013 Mercury Cable & Energy, Inc. (“Mercury Cable”), the leading developer of High Voltage Composite Reinforced Conductors (“HVCRC”) for electrical transmission lines, completed installation of Lapwing HVCRC Smart Conductor in Moctezuma, Mexico.

The national pilot project re-conducted a key sub-station in Moctezuma and the increased ampacity of the HVCRC Conductor solved a critical problem for Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE). In utilizing the HVCRC Smart Conductor CFE was able to upgrade the existing lines without replacing any of the key infrastructure. Mercury’s affiliate has subsequently received multiple additional orders from CFE to resolve similar congestion issues.

“We are very excited to be providing Mercury’s superior smart grid products to Mexico and with the successful completion of this national pilot project have experienced an extraordinarily high level of interest from Mexico’s Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) in rapidly deploying HVCRC products into their utility grid.” Says Luis Breton, CEO of Proveduria. “We have already received follow on HVCRC orders and are anticipating a pervasive and extensive penetration of Mercury’s Smart Conductors in the refurbishment and expansion of Mexico’s grid infrastructure.”

Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) is the national electric generation, transmission and distribution utility serving all of Mexico. CFE operates as a decentralized public entity of the Federal Government of Mexico via Sixteen Distribution regional branches, Nine Transmission Regional Branches, and five CPTT Regional Branches.

Proveduria de Sistemas Electricos de Potencia SA de CV based in Mexicali B.C., Mexico, is an established international manufacturer’s representative with a broad spectrum product line providing cable, insulators, poles and substation components to the utility transmission and distribution industry and alternative energy components for the solar, wind and bio-fuel industries.

Mercury Cable & Energy is a privately‐held developer of High Voltage Composite Reinforced Conductors (HVCRC), Smart Conductors for the Smart Grid. The patented HVCRC Smart Conductor is superior to existing conductors in a number of key performance areas including:

 Up to double the current carrying capacity of ACSR
 Substantially reduces high‐temperature sag
 Requires fewer structures for new line construction
 Increases capacity of existing rights‐of‐way and structures through retrofitting
 Eliminates bi‐metallic corrosion
 Significantly reduces line losses compared to same diameter conductors at equal operating temperatures

Contact: Mercury Cable & Energy
Todd Harris, President

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