Energy Technologies International provides innovative, cost-effective solutions to the problems encountered by transmission grid operations in both industrialized and developing nations around the world. From high-voltage composite conductors to external messenger support systems, Energy Technologies’ revolutionary line of products are ideal for both new line construction and system modernization, greatly increasing the efficiencies, while reducing expenses and environmental impact of the traditional grid.

Energy Technologies International (The Company) is actively engaged in research, development, and production of advanced technologies for electric power transmission. The Company has established strategic partnerships with Global Wire & Cable companies conducting operations in South America, China, India, Korea, Indonesia, Africa and Europe. The Company currently offers three products to support global power transmission grid efficiency and reliability initiatives.– (1) High Voltage Composite Reinforced Conductor (CFCC/HVCRC); (2) a unique, high strength- composite Messenger Support System (MSS); and (3) Messenger Supported Conductor (MSC) which boast patented, new-to-market technologies. Through the use of CFCC/HVCRC and its Messenger Support System, The Company can deliver significant increases in power transmission capability in the form of enhancement to existing and planned power transmission grids in an efficient and cost-effective manner thus solving the problem of frequent blackouts and brownouts that plague the modern world. The Company’s proprietary technology provides increased power transmission capability together with greater efficiency and reliability to existing electrical lines (via retrofitting) and to newly constructed lines. The Company’s market penetration includes active projects in India, Indonesia, Mexico, China and South Africa along with planned future projects in Europe, Central America and South America. The Company is well positioned to revolutionize electrical transmission grids around the world with its simple, compelling technologies.