Messenger Support System

Composite Reinforced External Support System

The second line of Energy Technologies’  product portfolio is the Messenger Support System (MSS), a composite-reinforced external support system for transmission conductors.

A next-generation transmission grid enhancement product, the MSS can be used to support any existing conductor currently in use or in combination with a new conductor configuration. The Messenger Supported Conductor (MSC) can combine with any available conductor on the market, such as an all-aluminum conductor (AAC), which could increase transmission capacity for an individual line by up to 2.5 times that of traditional aluminum conductor steel reinforced (ACSR). In a six- line bundle configuration, the MSC can provide an increase up to 15 times ACSR.

As a lower cost alternative to the installation of new MSC or AAC, grid operators can achieve increases in transmission capacity of up to 75% by simply retrofitting existing ACSR with the MSS. Simply renovating existing power lines with the MSS will not only more efficiently distribute power, but will result in significantly less capital-expenditure than new-line construction.

Energy Technologies International is the only company in the marketplace with a product that can significantly upgrade the ampacity of existing lines without the need to replace the currently installed conductors. It’s the smarter, more flexible way to deliver more.