High Efficiency Composite Solutions

At Energy Technologies International, our vision is to provide the Transmission & Distribution infrastructure required to meet the challenges of rising population and global industrialization. Beginning with the patented High Voltage Composite Reinforced Conductor (CFCC/HVCRC), ETI's revolutionary Mercury Cable  product line delivers unprecedented ROI, through improved performance and planet-friendly transmission technologies.

ETI’s patented High-Voltage Composite Reinforced Conductor (CFCC/HVCRC) can greatly improve transmission capacity up to 2 times by using compact stranding designs that allow significantly more aluminum in the same diameter and specialized treatment of the aluminum alloy which provides lower resistance and therefore higher efficiency. CFCC/HVCRC also significantly reduces line loss, which translates into reduced generation requirements, fuel conservation and lower carbon emissions.

ETI’s Messenger Support System (MSS) is the only product on the market that can significantly upgrade the ampacity of existing lines without the need to replace the currently installed conductors. Whether constructing new or retrofitting current lines, Energy Technologies International has a product to help you more efficiently and reliably deliver more.