Mercury Cable Announces: European Patent Office Revokes CTC Global’s ACCC Patent In Europe

Dana Point, California. Mercury Cable (, the leading developer of High Voltage Composite Reinforced Conductors (“HVCRC®”) for electrical transmission lines, is pleased to announce that, in a patent opposition proceeding in the European Patent Office (EPO), Mercury Cable and Epsilon Composite invalidated all claims of the European ACCC patent of CTC Global1. The invalidation of all ACCC patent claims resulted in the complete revocation of the ACCC patent in Europe, as stated in the minutes of the proceeding published by the Chairman on July 3rd, 2019.

The revocation decision is available online at:’documentid=E3H3AIZ14086DSU&number=EP03718501&lng=en&npl=false

CTC Global filed an appeal of the revocation decision to the Board of Appeal, and, after receiving the Board of Appeal’s preliminary opinion which considered that “the appeal at hand does not appear to have prospect of success,” CTC Global withdrew the appeal and the ongoing court actions in France. The decision to revoke CTC Global’s European Patent EP1506085 is now final. It applies to all countries that this European ACCC patent covered.

The official EPO proceedings are available online at or,

Mercury Cable & Energy is a privately held developer of High Voltage Composite Reinforced Conductors (HVCRC), Smart Conductors for the Smart Grid. Founded in 2006, Mercury Cable specializes in HVCRC production and is now recognized in the cable industry worldwide for its advanced composite core cable technology. The patented HVCRC Smart Conductor is superior to existing conductors in many key performance areas including:

  • Up to double the current carrying capacity of ACSR
  • Substantially reduces high-temperature sag
  • Requires fewer structures for new line construction
  • Increases capacity of existing rights of way and structures through retrofitting
  • Eliminates bimetallic corrosion
  • Significantly reduces line losses compared to same diameter conventional and composite conductors at equal operating temperatures

1 CTC Global is represented to be a Russian Owned Company (see and

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